12 Videos Details

12 Videos Details

12 Month Plan can be Spread Across Multiple Locations

Each Video costs only 500.oo on this plan add syndication work fee  250 per Video for first 30 days prepaid on signup

If you have a volume of Negative Reviews a Video Review Will Attract Much More Attention then any Textual Reviews

While many “Traditional Methods” used to Correct Bad Reviews are currently Marginally valid, Pound for Pound – A Review Video Packs a Real Punch,  able to  Offset multiples of  textual Negative Reviews

Syndication Work bills at 250 per Video per Month – separate invoicing

Ranking work bills at 250 per Video per Month – separate invoicing

If Ranking Work needed, it Does not Start Until 30 Days after Original Deployment and Syndication work

All Ranking Work Done With Correct Level of Restraint, Google is Highly Sensitive to Un-Natural Metrics

While Ranking Work is Similar in Most Cases it is not a Predictable Process. Unique Factors Always play a Role In Ranking Outcomes

12 Rep Videos delivered as little as 1 Video per month – if a single facility

  • Mobile Compatible with ALL Mobile devices
  • Rank-able Across both WWW and Mobile Search
  • Spokes-Model Video Grabs Attention
  • Provides the Exact Information Consumers Want Before a Purchase