Reputation Videos

Reputation Videos

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  1. Multimedia presentation holds higher index of attention by prospective customers
  2. Video Testimonials able to be published multiple networks and Web3.0 properties
  3. Video testimonial videos stand out against textual versions all your competitors are currently using
  4. Video testimonials are fully mobile compatible across all devices

Below are images that link to preview videos for specific businesses that are in pre-production at

SEO Tactical Inc.

2016-07-27_021828 Dr David Warren preview thumb 2016-07-27_022003 Dr valdea preview thumb 2016-07-27_022120 Kilby Electric preview thumb 2016-07-27_022215 Weathermaker preview thumb 2016-07-27_022305 Allstar electric preview thumb 2016-07-27_022401 Florida Electricians preview thumb 2016-07-27_022442 BBD Electrical Dist preview thumb 2016-07-27_022628 Royal Plumbing preview thumb 2016-07-27_022737 All American Roofing preview thumb 2016-07-27_022819 Bay Plumbing preview thumb 2016-07-27_022944 Lasseter Plumbing preview thumb 2016-07-27_023100 Marlin Plumbing preview thumb 2016-07-27_023137 Mike Kurtz Plumbing preview thumb 2016-07-27_023218 Miami Water heater preview thumb 2016-07-27_023308 Vega & son Plumbing Preview thumb 2016-07-27_023403 Amores Dental Preiew thumb 2016-07-27_023450 Midtown dental preview thumb 2016-07-27_023523 Hialeah dental preview thumb