Why Us

Why Us

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Reputation monitoring, reputation management and reputation repair have become the single most important aspect to the online presence of a business and it’s ability to generate sales or leads. Slip up here, pay too little attention, miss the erroneous or valid negative comment posted to one of the major citation networks and you can suffer immeasurable damage.

Often, the negative comments posted are due to simple  mis-understandings that can be fixed,  if given the chance to address the issue when it is new.  Leave it un-attended for a short time or worse a long period of time it reflects negatively against you because you took too long to reply. Time is your ally if short, but time is your adversary… if too long.

With the correct approach, real time monitoring and efficient efforts to confront the negative review, works to enhance a positive outcome. SEO Tactical is a specialist, video executive producer,  that focuses on reputation management, reputation repair and lead generation  for the online business. Consider the typical feedback left as a textual entry. It serves more to promote the network it was posted on than doing you and your firm any good.

We provide a cutting edge, professional,  studio quality video product, featuring an actual positive referral left by a customer of yours. These video assets can be published in many locations making them able to multiply the benefit of a single positive into dozens or more published across many networks, as well being featured in posts on related blogs to broadcasts on social media networks.

Additional advantages include the ability to be instantly mobile compatible across all platforms. The link below leads to are some samples that reflect an average of what these videos are like minus the company logo, and company background image. Some prefer the colored background but the video can be produced with any background of suitable quality. You can specify woman or man spokes-model as well. Give us a call to get a reputation video or videos for your company and take charge of your reputation in a manner that makes you stand out compared to your competitors and show your prospective customers your best impression on any device most important today since over 70% of transactional searches are now done on mobile devices.   SEE THE SAMPLES