Reputation Management and Repair

Reputation Management and Repair

Online Reputation Management Service

It is common knowledge, bad reviews will cost you tons of lost business as it virtually ruins your online presence, thus, decreasing the exposure of your business. The vulnerability to inaccurate information staining a business’s reputation is all too common. It can be so severe that 80% or more of the potential traffic, qualified buyer traffic never looks at the company that has bad and or inaccurate information posted online.

“Research proves that over 70% of customers search for you on Google or reputation review sites from their mobile device before doing business with you. If they find anything negative – like bad reviews, news articles, blog posts or forum comments – they’ll take their money elsewhere.   And never come back. “

Online Reputation management is not a new concept. All businesses from Fortune 500 companies to plumbers to the gas station on the corner depend on their reputation to attract customers and enhance their livelihood. Reputations sway public opinion, positively or negatively and can dramatically affect careers, and will have a tangible impact on the success of any enterprise whether it has been around for three months or three decades.

Dirty, underhanded competitors have been known to abuse online reputation reporting networks and forums by sabotaging their competition via conjured bad reviews. Unfortunately, Google and major search engines can not discriminate between malicious and real review information, often ranking them highly in shopper generated search results, worse case being on the first page.

At SEO Tactical Inc. we are proud to announce our Online Reputation Management Service with a solid and well researched recovery plan to get these unwanted reviews OFF page 1 of Google results. In combination with a flood of new and positive information we combine some of the best SEO methods to reinforce the ranking and credibility of your positive posts

Our plan starts with – Reputation Videos –

Stop loosing anymore business.  Publish Reputation Spokes-model Videos and diminish  these negative posts while impressing your prospective clients with the information they seek most in a format they can see on any mobile device. While traditional methods used to quell the effects of negative comments posted by disgruntled customers on line can still be effective and employed, utilizing the power of video is by far the most sought after and most readily accessible method of conveying your companies reputation from the words of your own positive reviews. We are offering special pricing  right now. There is no better time to jump start your business to full potential and claim the 1,000’s of dollars of lost business.

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monthly maintenance and syndication work 250.00 per month per video asset